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Sales FunnelI’ll take a stab in the dark, and assume you’ve been trying to make money online.  Maybe you have your own website… you could even be promoting a few affiliate offers here and there.

Perhaps you’re making some money… enough to buy a gadget or two or possibly pay off the odd bill?

… but you haven’t had the breakthrough you’ve been looking for, despite trying every strategy and piece of software the ‘experts’ have recommended.

Which is understandable, especially if you’re jumping from one shiny object to another, forever trying to find the magic path to internet success.

I know how easy it is to end up suffering from intense information overload, and yet still feel your knowledge is incomplete, and that having a system that can take you to the level you dream of is simply beyond your grasp.

You can literally go around and around in circles, getting nowhere fast.

Which brings me to the million dollar question – what do you really need to know, and more importantly do, in order to have the kind of success that can change your life…

…Well one of the smartest ways to make big profits online is to build an email list and then sell your own products to that list.

This is why you’ll find that people who are really successful online, the ones who are banking big money, have extensive email lists as well as an ever expanding range of ‘desirable’ products that they can market to their lists.

If you can combine list building, email marketing and product creation into a slick sales funnel you’ll have a system that can bring you amazing returns… for years to come.

… but there’s a problem… for most people that’s bridging the gap between all the information they’ve accumulated in their brain and having a solid action plan to carry out all the steps needed to create a working funnel.

You have to set up your autoresponder, create an email sequence, create products and finally… drive traffic to your landing page, and to make sure it all works like a well oiled machine.

It’s little wonder that creating profitable funnels can seem complicated and confusing, and I won’t lie, it’s not as easy as some people will have you believe.

Setting up a profit thumping sales funnel takes time, patience, knowledge and attention to detail. You’ve got to deal with deliverability issues, split test key elements of your funnel, write engaging emails, create in demand products, write sales copy that converts…

…but what would you rather do? …give up? …stay confused? …become paralysed by doubt and fear?

You could do if you don’t mind missing out… or you could take action and sign-up for ‘FUNNEL LAB’, my exclusive 10 day email course, where you’ll unearth how to finally start building a real on-line business.

So What’s In The Course?

You’ll discover easy and proven methods for making high converting squeeze pages as well as creating in-demand products to sell throughout your funnel, not to mention ways to drive traffic to your squeeze pages. The course is broken down into easy to digest chunks that are easy to follow.

Funnel Lab Course

The FREE 10 day email course reveals:

1 The Mindset Needed To Build a Responsive List
2 Choosing a Killer Niche
3 How To Create A High Converting Squeeze Page
4 Explode Your Squeeze Page Conversions With Great Copywriting
5 Crafting The Ultimate Sales Funnel
6 Creating a Desirable Lead Magnet
7 How To Put Together Your One-Time Offer
8 Maximizing Profits With a High-Dollar Up-sell
9 The Tools Needed For Funnel Success
10 Instant Traffic Methods

If you want to change your financial situation I’ll show you how to build assets in the form of an email list, your own products and a well thought out marketing funnel.

You have nothing to lose by taking the course… and everything to gain.

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Building profitable marketing funnels isn’t about luck or magic…
…it’s about having the right systems and the right knowledge.