How To Build Video Background Squeeze Pages

When it comes to creating squeeze pages that have cool looking videos in the background you essentially have two choices, create them yourself or pay a designer to create them for you.

While a talented designer can create stunning squeeze pages, you have to find a designer you like working with, and then you have to pay them. The time taken to find an ideal designer and the cost of multiple page designs can soon add up.

Alternatively you can create the squeeze pages you need by making them yourself. To do this you’ll need at least a basic understanding of HTML and be aware of design considerations, such as making sure your squeeze page is responsive when viewed on Smart phones, tablets and other devices.

If all this sounds like a lot of hassle and you would like a quicker and easier way to create professional looking squeeze pages with video background then you should check out LandingPage Monkey instead.

There’s no need to get your hands dirty with lines of code or have to find a decent web designer. LandingPage Monkey is a web based tool that allows you to make top quality squeeze pages in as little as five minutes.

Once you log into the dashboard the whole process is intuitive and quick, allowing you to glide through the set-up form with minimal fuss. You can create a squeeze page while you drink your morning coffee, leaving the rest of the day for you to focus on other things like driving traffic to your landing pages and creating products.

Some of the built-in features that make this tool such a breeze to use are:

  • If you don’t have a website yet, that’s not a problem. LandingPage Monkey can host the squeeze pages you build on their own servers. If you want to host the pages on your own server, you can do that too.
  • Create polished and customized designs. LandingPage Monkey gives you the ability to change all aspects of a pages layout including font type, size and color as well as background images. You can even use videos for the background of the page.
  • Integrates with all the main email service companies, such as Getresponse, Aweber and MailChimp.
  • You can make changes to your pages on the fly. Once you log into the dashboard you just make your changes and click save, visitors to your sign-up page will not get any interruption in the sign-up process.
  • Create pages that are fully responsive across all platforms, ensuring visitors on smart phones, laptops, tablets, desk tops and other devices see your pages as they are meant to be. Also cross browser compatible so visitors with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or any of the other major browsers all have a good user experience.
  • Built-in tracking so you can monitor your page impression to visitor sign-up statistics, allowing you to tweak your pages for maximum performance.
  • Don’t worry about technical details. Being a web based tool all you have to do is log in, design your pages and let LPM worry about the background technical matters.
  • When you can put together hot looking designs in as little as five minutes you’re saving considerable time over coding them yourself, it’s even quicker than getting someone else to design you a great page. LandingPage Monkey also has a clone feature, making page design super fast.

Whether you call them landing pages, squeeze pages or opt-in pages, LPM is designed for maximum visual appeal. For example, easily add a background video to a landing page, and you’ll grab your visitors’ immediate attention. You can even add animation to an opt-in box, impressing your visitor with your professional looking design.

You need to engage with your visitor and LPM lets you do exactly that, which leads to better sign-up conversions and consequently bigger email lists.

What Else Can LandingPage Monkey Do?

Although LandingPage Monkey will build landing pages for you all day long, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this tool can produce.

For instance, you can create…

  • Webinar Registration Pages – If you’re selling mid to high ticket items then doing so through a webinar will increase your conversions. LPM and the right sales copy will supercharge your webinar sign-up rates.
  • Sales Pages – If you have a demonstration video of a product you are promoting, just play that as a background video and LPM will overlay a buy now button.
  • Exit Pages – If you don’t get people on to an email list before they’ve left your site then you’re leaving money on the table. Use LPM to scoop up this exit traffic and put more money in the bank.

Testing Your Pages

Of course creating pages that you think will perform well, and how they actually perform are two different things. Without testing you’ll never know if the page you are currently driving traffic to is converting as well as it could be.

A lot of people think testing is hard work or they will end up getting involved in complicated statistics, the truth is with LandingPage Monkey testing couldn’t be easier. Which is good news, as even a small increase in sign-up conversions will mean more money going into your pocket.

When testing it’s essential that you only change one element at a time, that way you know any improvements to your conversion rate is down to that one element change.

The way you do this is to create two identical landing pages and then change one element on one of the pages, for example the color of the headline.

Once you log into your LandingPage Monkey account you simply click on ‘Create L-Pages’ to create your first page and save it.

Then click on a link called ‘Your Pages’ at the top of the nav menu. Once you’ve done this you will see the page you have just created. Next click on the ‘Clone’ button to make an exact copy of your original page.

You can now make your single element change e.g. change the color of the headline font, and save that page. Your two pages are now ready to go head to head in a test to see which converts the best.

Determining which page converts the best is easy with the in-built tracking tools that come with LPM.

LandingPage Monkey Conversion Statistics


Using Solo Ads you could quickly send a couple of hundred clicks to one page and a couple of hundred clicks to your other page and then check the statistics page to see which page had the best conversion.

Once you establish which page performed the best, it becomes your control. You can now clone that page and make another element change, such as the background video, the page color, animation etc. and run another test to see if the new page out performs the control.

As you fine tune your landing page your conversions will increase, and your email list will grow faster than ever.


There’s no doubt about it landing pages are a key part of any sales funnel. In fact they are the first thing a visitor will see when they are being introduced to your funnel, so it pays to make a great first impression, which LandingPage Monkey is designed to do.

LPM also takes what can be a tedious task and makes it fun and enjoyable, even if you have limited technical skills or feel you are creatively challenged.

If you haven’t started creating your landing page yet, or you have, but your not happy with the results I recommend you have a look at LandingPage Monkey and see if it can help turbocharge your funnel creation like it has for thousands of others.


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