Email Subject Line Secrets That Really Work & Get Your Emails Opened

Here’s 6 email subject lines that will help get your emails opened and read.

As you probably realize getting your readers to respond to your emails, whether that’s buying something or enquiring about your products or services is your main goal as an email marketer.

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The number 1 email open rate secret is…

Well, the majority of people think that when it comes to getting your emails opened the subject line is the most important thing to focus on. In reality it’s the second most important thing in getting your emails opened.

The most important thing in a readers eyes is ‘Who are you’, and by this I mean have you gone to the effort to build up trust and rapport with the reader so that they know and trust you.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your email subject lines are if the person reading your subject line has little knowledge of who you are then they will probably ignore your emails all together.

With spam a growing problem, sending emails to people who don’t know, like or trust you, means they’ll probably end up deleting the email, even if they signed up to receive emails from you at some point.

You first need to establish a relationship with your subscriber, so that they begin to know and trust you. Once you’ve achieved this then you can start to focus on subject lines.

Below are 6 ideas that have been proven to improve your email open rates.

1/ Present the main benefit they’re after
For example, in the dating niche you will have men who are looking to get a girlfriend, in which case you may want to use the following subject lines:

  • [VIDEO] How To…
  • 7 Ways To…
  • 7 Steps To…

These are email subject line templates that have been proven to work. You merely have to replace the blanks with the main benefits that someone in this niche is looking to get and you will get good open rates.

Having the word video in capital letters at the beginning of the subject line has also proven to be effective in getting your emails opened.

You have to make sure though that the content you offer matches what it says in the subject line, otherwise when people open your email and find it doesn’t correspond to the subject line they’ll feel like they’ve been cheated, which is a sure fire way to lose their trust.

2/ You’re Not Alone
This subject line has been known to get up to 90% open rates, across different email campaigns and niches. So if you email one hundred people you could get up to ninety of them opening your email, which is pretty amazing.

The reason this is so successful is that it taps into peoples feelings of wanting to belong in the world.

Of course this subject line also needs to match the content of the email. For example, when using this subject line the content of the email could let people know that if they sign up to your course or program they’ll join a community of other people who are like them.

3/ Hey…
This has been a time tested subject line that has successfully been responsible for open rates as high as 30%. It’s seen as personal and informal.

Also it doesn’t give a lot away, so tends to pique peoples curiosity which makes people want to click on and open it. Because it’s very general it’s easy to relate it to most content you would put in any email.

4/ Watch This Video
This works because for the most part people enjoy watching videos, which is why YouTube is so popular, being as it’s an easy way to consume content.

Also when you have forged a relationship with your readers they are going to trust what you recommend, so saying “Watch This Video”, will be something that they are willing to do based on the trust you have built up.

It also uses the word “This”, which is very effective in copywriting as it triggers natural human curiosity.

Although the subject line isn’t very descriptive and doesn’t divulge the content of the video, it has produced open rates of 26% when tested.

5/ You’ll Love This…
Once again if your readers know and trust you, and have previously received emails from you that they’ve actually enjoyed then they’ll trust what you’re recommending.

The subject line also doesn’t actually tell the reader what it is they’ll love, but the word “This” triggers that natural curiosity we all have. People feel compelled to open the email just to see what it’s about.

6/ Have You Seen This?
This subject line also works in invoking curiosity by using the word “This”. It also uses social proof, by asking if “You” have seen this it implies that others may have already seen it and you could be missing out.

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