High Converting Squeeze Page Design Tips

Squeeze pages are specifically designed to grab the attention of your visitors and persuade them to sign-up to your email list.

You’ll find that at times a brief squeeze page that has nothing more than a title, an opt-in box and a submit button will do the trick. On other occasions you may have to persuade the reader with more detail, in the form of bullet points and extended copy to get them to hand over their email address.

This video provides some excellent tips on how good copywriting and page layout will increase your conversion rates. (Click on full screen icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video, once it’s playing, if you want to enlarge it)

Video Key points

A breakdown of the key points presented in the video.

Attention Grabbing Headline
You want to keep visitors interested in your page. A couple of easy ways to do that are to include words such as Discover, How To, You and Secret in your headline. Curiosity is also a great hook to get peoples attention.

The Order in Which People Read Your Page
It’s good to understand how people will read your squeeze page. A good way to test this is to set your squeeze page aside for a day or two, and then take a look at it again with fresh eyes. This will allow you to assess the order in which you look at elements on the page in an objective manner, as you won’t always look at things from left to right.

You can then order the elements in a way that makes you able to express what you’ve got to say in the most compelling way.

Service Statements
Readers want to know about the things that your product or service can do for them, they don’t want to hear about the work that your strategy will make them have to do. They want to know what it will do for them.

High Value
Make sure that your product has a lot of perceived value to it. If your doing a video course consider getting it transcribed into a PDF. The more residual value your offer has the higher the perceived value.

Punchy Language
Use compelling and interesting language, shock people if it fits in with your style.

End Results
Always include the end results the ultimate benefits your subscriber will get from signing-up for your lead magnet, as well as the things that they will miss out on if they don’t get your lead magnet.

Squeeze Page Design Tips

Here are some of the other guidelines I use when putting together my squeeze pages. Remember though that nothing is writen in stone and you need to test, test and test some more until you’re happy with your squeeze page conversions.

Landing Page Monkey

Get to The Point
Don’t waffle, persuade your squeeze page visitor to sign-up for your lead magnet using as few words as you can get away with while still hitting the main points.

Keep it Focused
Squeeze pages aren’t meant to give a visitor a full-on website experience, they have one aim and that’s to focus the visitor on signing-up for your lead magnet. Every navigation option you offer a visitor will dilute their attention.

Keep it Above The Fold
Your main copy, image, call to action and sign-up form should be visible without the visitor having to scroll down the page. Squeeze pages need to be more focused than regular web pages.

Displaying positive testimonials from previous subscribers who’ve reviewed your lead magnet will do wonders for your social proof. A few lines from a subscriber saying they got real value from your download can help persuade a visitor who’s hesitating about submitting their email address.

Professional Design
Your squeeze page needs to look good. With all the competition for peoples attention you can’t afford to look third rate. If you’re not a professional designer then you can overcome that hurdle by using this Landing Page Maker that creates pages as good as any professional.

Put a link under your submit button to your privacy Policy to calm fears of email abuse.

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