How To Create Your First PDF Lead Magnet FAST

Your lead magnet needs to be short and snappy and offer actionable content that the reader can use to gain a certain benefit. While a 100 page eBook may offer a wealth of value, it can actually be a turn-off and seem a burden to go through for most busy people.

Which is great news for the budding lead magnet creator, as it means you don’t have to spend weeks or months writing and editing a 100 page monster PDF.

If you want to discover how you can create your own value packed lead magnet in 30 minutes using just two FREE services, watch the video below.

PDF Lead Magnet Design

Video Key Points

Mind maps are used for creating lead magnets very quickly and in many niches E.G. Financial, Internet Marketing, Weight loss, Fitness and everything in between.

The beauty of mind maps is that they allow you to create something that is of use to your subscribers and something they can get a benefit from very quickly. They also allow you to get the lead magnet completed and out of the door a lot faster than most other types of lead magnets,

To create lead magnets using this strategy you will browse Pinterest and use a free mind mapping software. The recommended option for creating the mind map is an online tool called coggle. It is a bit limited as far as colors and design go, but as a free option it does allow you to export the the mind map as a PDF document.

Once you have a free coggle account go over to Pinterest and search for lists of steps people need to follow in order to achieve their goal. In the video example the search is for the term ‘lose belly fat’. Once you find a list of steps that solve a problem transfer the steps over to

As you can see from the image below the steps selected for ‘lose belly fat’ where ‘Drink Lemon Water, Drink Green Tea, Eat Fiber’ etc.

Once you have done this you can then go back to Pinterest and start searching, one at a time, what was on the previous list e.g. now you would search on ‘Drinking Lemon Tea’ and look what lists come up for that. In the image below one of the lists that was added is ‘Reasons To Drink Lemon Tea’.
Mind Map Lead Magnet Creation

You would continue filling out the mind map and adding content until you had a useful and actionable piece of content. Remember not to use any proprietary information, do not steal peoples stuff.

Put links back to your site or to affiliate offers as a natural way of offering more information and helping your reader learn about software or a service that can make their life easier.

In 20 to 30 minutes you can create a good looking and useful mind map PDF that will have truly useful information in it.

How To Create Your First PDF Lead Magnet Checklist

Mind maps are a great way to visually represent information. They’re usually one page long and packed with actionable content that can be consumed easily and quickly.

  1. Open an account at for free
  2. Browse Pinterest for lists in your niche
  3. Transfer list information over to your mind map
  4. Don’t copy proprietary content
  5. Drill deeper into first list topics and add more content
  6. You can download your mind map as a PDF once you’ve added as much content as you think is necessary.

Tip: You can also download the mind map as an image and then add it to OpenOffice, which is also free. This allows you to easily add your own branded cover image, as well as any other info you want to add. Then simply export it from OpenOffice as a PDF.

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