How to Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Not every lead that you add to your email list will be equal, at least in terms of their responsiveness and how likely they are to buy your products or services. Just because someone ends up on your list doesn’t mean that they’ll open your emails, let alone buy anything you recommend. Depending on how they were added to your list can make the difference between them being a ‘warm’ or a ‘cold’ lead.

This will have a big impact on how you should engage with your leads. In an ideal world we would like all our subscribers to be ‘warm’ leads i.e. people who trust us, like us and have a desire for our services or products.

The problem is not everyone who joins your list will be that motivated with your message. While some will be engaged in what you say and listen to your recommendations, others will have no idea that they joined your list in the first place and may end up never opening your emails, or worse label your emails as spam.

A lot of what determines whether a subscriber is engaged with you or not will depend on how they are added to your list.

There are a number of ways you can drive people to your landing page, from the totally free to the paid. Where paid traffic generation will cost you money right out of the gate, it does allow you to get going almost straight away and you can scale things once you’re profitable. Free traffic generation on the other hand will only cost you time.

Here are the main methods I use to drive traffic to my squeeze pages.

Time V Cost List Building

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a way to get your website to rank highly in a search engine when a user types in a ‘keyword phrase’ relevant to your site. If a searcher ends up on your site then depending on the keyword phrase used the new visitor could be seen as a warm lead.

As an example if someone searched for the keyword phrase ‘Buy ready made sales funnel’ and I was selling ready made sales funnels then the searcher has shown a specific interest in what I have to offer. With a bit of effort it shouldn’t be that hard to convert a percentage of searchers using this keyword phrase into people who I can get onto an email list and into my sales funnel, as long as they perceive value in what I have to offer.

The one downside with SEO is the length of time it can take to implement. Your domain name needs to gain authority, you need to add keyword focused content, you need to get links from other sites pointing to your site. You also need to be careful that you don’t upset the search engines and have your site penalised as a spam site.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you have a budget available then using PPC ads such as Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads can bring motivated leads to your site. If someone searches for a keyword you’re targeting such as “Buy strong widgets” and you have an ad that says “Buy the planets strongest widgets, 24 hour delivery”, the person landing on your site has shown a strong interest in what you’re offering and has indicated that they’re in a buying mood.

If you have a discount coupon or a pdf guide that gives informative information about what to look for when ‘buying strong widgets’ you should be able to get these people onto a mailing list and into your sales funnel.

This works in the same way as SEO, the main difference being that you have to pay for every visitor. You also have to abide closely to the rules of the ad networks you use, so although you can set up campaigns fairly quickly once you’ve become familiar with the platform it can still be a frustrating experience.

Solo Ads

Another paid method of driving leads to your landing pages, although can be a bit hit and miss. The idea is that you pay someone who has a large list in your niche and they send out a broadcast email with a swipe that promotes your landing page. The costs can vary from around $.35 to $.70 a click and sometimes to over $1 a click.

One of the problems with Solo Ads is that the seller may write their own email swipe that doesn’t really align with what you are truly offering, the result being either people clicking through and then not signing up or people signing up and becoming unresponsive from the first email.

Tip: Always supply your own email swipe that is congruent with your landing page and offer.

The other problem with Solo Ads is that you could end up buying junk traffic from an unscrupulous Solo Ad seller. Because of the potential to earn thousands a day it’s not unheard for crooked sellers to send bot traffic to your landing page, fake traffic that can even sign up to your mailing list. This is why it’s a good idea to use a click tracking service to monitor all your paid traffic, you’ll be able to check on things such as the IP address of the sign-up, country origin and other important data.

You should also check for testimonials to gain a level of trust from your potential Solo Ad sellers. Facebook has many Solo Ad seller groups that revue sellers. Simply type ‘Solo Ad Testimonials’ into the search field in Facebook to find them.

Click Banking

This works along the same lines as Solo Ads, the difference being that instead of buying clicks you trade clicks with other list owners in your niche. This can either be done by sending broadcast emails out promoting each others landing pages or you can trade funnel clicks, this means linking to each others landing pages by putting links on your thank you pages or any other relevant places in your funnel.

You will need a click tracking service to ensure you’re sending and receiving the right amount of clicks, but apart from the cost of the click tracking software or service this is a no cost option.

There is a possibility that anyone signing up for your list hasn’t been warmed up to your offer properly and has just signed up on a whim. They also might have signed up for several lists at the same time as yours, so you end up getting lost in all the emails your subscriber will be receiving.


Another paid option for driving targeted traffic to your landing pages. Facebook has a host of features that let you target your potential subscriber by various demographics. These include gender, age, location, interests and other variables.

Facebook also has tight rules about how their platform can be used, so a bit of time needs to be invested in finding out how to adhere to their terms and conditions of advertising to keep your account safe.

An extra dynamic to Facebook advertising is a cool feature called re-targeting. This allows you to put a tracking pixel on your landing page, if a person then visits your landing page the pixel will trigger. This will record the visitor as having an interest in your products or services, and the next time they’re on Facebook your ad will show up. This is a great way to scoop up all those people who visited your offer, but couldn’t make a decision at that time.


One of my favourite ways to get targeted leads, and free too. First you will need to research for keywords that you have a chance to rank for, before making your own videos. This can either be made with you sat in front of a camera, using screen capture software or using a simple slide show.

The benefits of making a video is that you get a chance to warm the viewer up to a call to action at the end of the video, directing your viewer in a congruent way to your landing page. Video converts well, but it does take time to put together an engaging video, choose the write keywords to use as a title and all the other tweaks needed to have a high performing video.

However, for me I find this some of the best traffic you can have land on your squeeze page. It’s a ‘do the work once, benefit for years to come’ traffic driving strategy.


An often overlooked way of driving highly targeted traffic to a landing page. Using kindle as a promotional platform is a good way to present yourself as an expert to readers who you want to get onto your mailing list.

The way you get them onto your mailing list is to place a link in your book that leads to a squeeze page that offers them extra information or bonuses related to the book in exchange for their email address.

If your book is a quality one then you should have warmed up your subscribers with them perceiving you as a trustworthy expert. It’s fair to say that they’re hungry for what you have to offer and they’re after more, these are excellent leads for your mailing list.

Banner Ads

You’ve got to get your wallet out for a banner ad campaign, but as long as your tracking the performance of your ad spend then you should be able to quickly weed out the losers from the winners.

If you run banners on sites that operate in a niche the same as you’re in and experiment with the banners you use you can drive very targeted traffic to your landing page.

Even although banner ads are a paid option, they offer a great return on investment once you find a site that allows you to build your list at break-even or hopefully at a profit.

Article Directories

A once popular way of driving traffic, article directories have lost their effectiveness over the years due to changes in the way search engines such as Google rank these directories.

However, if you have a lot of content that could be re-purposed then making that content into articles and submitting them to the top article directories will bring in a nice stream of warmed up traffic.

The benefit of a lot of articles out there is that someone reading your article will have shown a strong interest in your topic and if written correctly can warm up the reader to clicking your link at the end of the article and going to your landing page.

Forum Signatures

A simple way to drive traffic that is free. First you need to identify half a dozen popular forums in your niche, then sign up and make accounts on these forums. Once you are allowed to add a signature to your profile you can start posting helpful and informative replies to peoples questions and concerns.

This will show people that you’re knowledgable about the topic in question and will warm them up a bit before they hopefully click your signature link at the bottom of your post.

If you do this everyday you will start to see a nice increase in traffic to your landing page or website. The top forums in most niches have a lot of eyeballs checking out their pages, so if you can just spend half an hour several times a week posting you should really start to benefit from this kind of targeted free traffic.

Blog Content

Starting a blog to support your list building activities is a sound long term strategy that won’t just help drive people onto your list, but will also help establish you as a source of expert information in your niche.

Building a blog isn’t something you do overnight, but something you consistently work on over time. The benefit of having a blog as a source of leads is that overtime you can get a tremendous amount of traffic that is exposed to your brand, expertise and personality all while you persuade them to sign-up for a free report and become part of your mailing list.

Sending email subscribers back to your blog by placing a link in an email message, so they can read informative and helpful information, helps solidify you as an email marketer who doesn’t just send out sales emails, but offers value too. It helps build trust and highlights the value proposition you have for your subscribers.

You don’t have to only publish content on your own blog either. There are blog owners that allow people to make guest posts on their blogs, if your content is unique and of high enough quality, and reward you with a link back to your site. This has a couple of benefits, first you are getting your message in front of a whole new audience, where a percentage of readers will click on the link and visit your offer, blog content or squeeze page.

Secondly, from an SEO point of view the link coming from your guest post back to your site will help improve your search engine rank, which in itself will help drive more traffic to your squeeze page.

Posting content to a blog is a great way to let people get to know you, and warms them up for a while before they are funnelled onto a list. If you’re serious about this you definitely need a blog.

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