How To Get More Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

It doesn’t matter how good your squeeze page is, or how good your lead magnets and products are… if you’re not getting people into your funnel all your hard work will just end up sitting on a server somewhere… collecting digital dust.

This is why you’re going to need traffic… and lots of it, watch the video below to see how you can start driving traffic to your squeeze page and into your funnel in less than an hour.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page Video

Video Key Points

You ideally should have several sources of traffic as well as a way to track where the traffic is coming from, so that you can determine how effective each source of traffic is. You can use Google Analytics which is a free service to track your traffic, simply sign up and insert the code they give you into your website.

This will allow you to see what traffic you’re getting and where it’s coming from.

Free Traffic Compared to Paid Traffic

These are the two types of traffic that will generate visitors to your squeeze page. Both sources have their advantages and disadvantages.

First we’ll look at the advantages of free traffic.

  • The main advantage is that of course free traffic is free.
  • It’s unlimited, with no caps on how many visitors will arrive at your website.
  • The fact that you’re not paying will boost your bottom line.

The disadvantages of free traffic are:

  • It takes a lot of time to build up momentum and to start receiving a worthwhile amount of traffic.
  • It’s also not very reliable. When you pay for traffic and things don’t go to plan you can complain and get the issue resolved.
  • When it’s free you don’t have any right to complain, you are also subject to things outside your control such as search engine algorithm updates.
  • It’s hard to make changes and measure the effectiveness of any effort you’ve put in. It’s hard to tweak any ad copy and see the results in a time controlled manner.

The advantages of paid traffic:

  • You can start sending traffic immediately, no waiting, no messing around.
  • It’s easy to measure how effective the paid traffic source is.
  • It’s easy to fine tune your ad copy and make changes quickly.

The Disadvantages of paid traffic:

  • The cost involved means you will need a budget to drive traffic to your squeeze page.
  • Certain PPC (Pay Per Click) platforms have policies against sending traffic direct to a squeeze page, this is especially true with with Google AdWords.

Free Traffic Sources

Search engines – Using SEO to rank your squeeze page means you should be able to drive organic traffic for your selected keywords.

YouTube – One strategy is to put a video up as part 1 of a 2 part video and then place a link in the video or underneath directing viewers to the second video.

When they click on the link they are taken through to your squeeze page that has the second video on it, with a sign up form that will get people on to your email list.

This is a very effective way of driving targeted visitors to your squeeze page.

Social Media – Use sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to generate interest and drive visitors.

Free Ad Sites – Gumtree, Craigslist and other free ad sites aren’t as effective as they once were due to the platforms clamping down on people using them as a traffic source, but still worth experimenting with.

List Swaps – Once you have a reasonable size list you can arrange with other list owners of similar size to send an email to their list promoting your lead magnet, and in return you will send an email to your list promoting their lead magnet.

It’s a win-win situation as they build their list from your subscribers and you build your list from their subscribers.

Viral Marketing – It can take a bit of time and effort to get any momentum from a viral campaign, but once it gains traction it takes on a life of its own.

One way to do this is to have a free report or giveaway and in the back of it or at the bottom of every page you have a link that invites people to visit your squeeze page to sign-up, you should also encourage people to give this report away to their list as a free bonus.

Word of mouth referrals and recommendations – This form of free traffic generation works as well online as it does offline.

Sources of Paid Traffic

Solo Ads – Similar to list swaps except it only works one way i.e. another list owner sends your lead magnet offer to his list, except this time instead of you reciprocating you simply pay him a set price for doing so.

The amount you pay will depend on the size of the owners list and the value they put on it.

Forum Advertising – Although this could be under free ways to drive traffic, a lot of forums require that you’re a subscriber in order to have a clickable link in your signature. Forum signatures work really well when you send people to a free giveaway such as a lead magnet.

Paid Website Advertising – If you find a website in the same niche as yours it can be worth buying a banner ad that links to your squeeze page. This will bring targeted traffic that will have a high likelihood of being interested in your free offer.

PPC – Pay Per Click, although as previously mentioned Google won’t allow you to send traffic to a squeeze page there are other PPC platforms that will allow you to do this, just check first to make sure it’s allowed in their terms and conditions.

Offline Advertising – Often overlooked by list builders, which is a pity as there isn’t a lot of competition with other businesses that are marketing online. Classified ads in magazines and newspapers that are read by your target audience can be a great source of traffic.

You can also have a QR code printed in a magazine or newspaper, and because so many people browse the web on smartphones it’s simple for them to scan your QR code and go straight to your squeeze page.

Printed Mailshots – These work well in the ‘work from home’ niche and also the investment or make money niche.

Radio and TV – Very expensive, but can reach very large audiences.

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