Stop Making These Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing MistakesYou’ve spent hours and hours building a squeeze page, an autoresponder sequence, a front end offer, a back end offer and putting together all the rest of the parts that are needed to create a working sales funnel.

However, for your email marketing campaigns to be really successful you need to make sure you aren’t making any of the following money sapping and relationship damaging mistakes.

  1. Not Having a Call to Action in Your EmailRegardless of what type of email you send your subscribers, whether it’s a sales email or a helpful informative email you must have a call to action.

    Without a call to action your subscribers will read your email and then go on to reading the next email in their inbox, or doing something else entirely.

    Your call to action must be clear and obvious, if you want your subscribers to click a link in your email then tell them to “Click here” or “Get the download here”.

    You need to get your subscribers in the habit of clicking on links in your emails, whether it’s to a sales page, a blog post or a download.

    The products you’re sending them to, the downloads you suggest, or the blog posts you’re promoting must offer real value so your subscribers come to enjoy clicking through and seeing what you have to say and recommend.

  2. Not Optimized for Mobile UsersIf your emails aren’t optimized for mobile browsing you’re going to be losing a fair percentage of people who can’t view your emails.

    With the growth of smartphones people are increasingly reading their emails on the move, which means your emails need to be mobile optimized.

    Fortunately most of the major email service providers do offer mobile optimization now, just check that the service you’re using has this important feature.

  3. Not Emailing Your SubscribersYour subscribers need to get to know you, trust you and like you, but if you hardly ever email them then it’s hard to build up that relationship. You don’t want to annoy your subscribers either with sales pitch emails sent every day.

    To be successful in this game you need to offer your subscribers value from the outset with high quality information, products and services. Make sure you keep in touch with your list on a weekly basis, they’ll get to expect contact from you and if you’re doing a good job they’ll come to look forward to it.

  4. Not Segmenting Your ListOnce people are on your list you’ve got to start breaking the list down through segmentation. This simply means splitting people off into different lists so that they receive emails based on topics they are really interested in.

    For example, if you start to build a list in the general internet marketing niche you will have people whose main interest may be in creating products, or doing affiliate marketing, or maybe their problem is not having enough daily visitors. The main point is they all have different needs.

    It’s your job to separate these people into different groups. There are a couple of ways you can do this, the best way is to ask them what they want. You can ask them to fill out a survey indicating what they’re biggest problems are when it comes to internet marketing.

    You can also segment people based on their behaviour. Depending on what email service you are using it’s possible to transfer people to a new list depending on what links they click in your emails.

    For example, if you send out an email to your general internet marketing list and mention a hot method for getting YouTube traffic then all the people who click on that link are indicating that they have an interest in getting traffic and using YouTube.

    If in the near future if I had some cool software to promote that helped people get traffic from YouTube, that was easy and saved them time, then I would want to send an email only to the people who have already shown an interest in this sub-niche, and not to my whole general internet marketing list.

    This helps save me from not burning my list out, increases open rates and keeps everyone happy.

  5. No Value in Your EmailsMost people start a list so they can make money from emailing their list. However, you don’t want to just send out random sales emails everyday, instead send your subscribers value.

    For example, if I wanted to sell some YouTube software that made getting lots of traffic from the platform easy, I would send several emails first showing how great YouTube is for getting traffic. I would explain a method or two of how this can be done manually, I may even give a short case study. I would only then pitch the software product, explaining its full value, often with a video case study.

    The point is that after warming my subscribers up with the explanation emails about how great YouTube is for getting traffic, they’ll see the full value of my sales email and the software I want them to purchase.

  6. Making Your Emails Too LongPeople are busy, they’ve got this to do, that to do, so the last thing they want is to spend hours reading your email messages.

    You need to keep your messages short, relevant and to the point. If you do have a lot to say try and break it down so you’re just including the important elements in your message.

    You could also just give people a teaser of the information you have and then tell them to “Click here” to read more, and send them to a blog post. Your blog can further build your brand or identity, ultimately helping enhance your relationship with your subscribers.

  7. Bad Subject LinesSubject lines can be considered bad for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s the job of a subject line to pique curiosity in your subscriber enough for them to open your email, nothing more. It’s not the job of the subject line to sell a product or get the subscriber to do any thing else except ‘OPEN’ the email.

    Badly written subject lines won’t compel the subscriber to do this, badly written subject lines don’t spark interest.

    Another type of bad subject line is the type that promise something that the subsequent email content doesn’t deliver. Your subject lines must be congruent with the content of your email message.

    If your subject lines are misleading, your subscribers will become frustrated and unsubscribe, and the ones that don’t unsubscribe will become less engaged and will stop opening your emails altogether.

  8. Mistakes in Your Email CopyBefore you send an email check and double check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other typo’s. It’s easy for mistakes to creep in, so avoid looking like an amateur and give your autoresponder and any broadcast emails the once over.

    You also need to be sure that your emails are formatted well and that the links work.

    The best way to do this is by setting up seed accounts on the main email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo and test each email by sending them to yourself first.

  9. Using Bought ListsThis is a bad idea, if people haven’t explicitly agreed to be on your list and you then start to mass email them you are falling foul of the spam laws. Additionally the people receiving the emails won’t have any idea who you are and will delete your emails or flag them as spam.

    You should be building your email lists from scratch using a proper opt-in process, so that you end up with people on your list who want to be on it.

  10. No Unsubscribe OptionYou must always give people a way of unsubscribing from your list in every email you send to them.

    People unsubscribing from your list isn’t something to stress about either, if people don’t think they’re interested in what you have to offer then having them unsubscribe is the best option for them and for you. After all the more people you have on your list the more it’s going to cost you, so getting unresponsive people off your list increases your bottom line.

    Make sure you test your unsubscribe links, or you’ll find if someone does try to unsubscribe and it fails they will probably flag your email as spam. This could have a big impact on your email deliver-ability as time goes on.

By making sure you avoid the above mistakes you’ll improve the performance of your email campaigns, which should translate in to more profit and happier subscribers.

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